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Installing the Rokoko Live plugin in Unreal Engine

Download Link

The  Rokoko Live plugin can be found here:

Download Instructions

  • Click the Epic Games Launcher and navigate to the Marketplace tab.

  • Use the search bar and type in “Rokoko Live”.

  • Click on the Rokoko Live asset.

  • Navigate down the product page and click the “Install to Engine” button.

  • Once finished, click the “Launch” button at the top of the Epic Games Launcher window.

    • Open an existing or new Unreal Project (if this is your first time, we recommend opening a new project).

  • Once Unreal is open, Go the Edit->Plugins->Installed and make sure "Rokoko Studio Live" is enabled.

To get started with the plugin head over to our getting started article: Getting Started: Streaming to Unreal Engine

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